Blue Oak Moving Tips


Blue oak Moving strongly suggests the tips below when selecting a moving company to serve your family’s relocation:

Select a moving company that is family owned and operated. Many large corporate moving companies that are in the industry have lost touch with the personal aspect of service somewhere in their expansive operation. The personal touch can only be provided by those who truly take pride in their work. Family owned and operated moving companies generally have these values.

Blue Oak Moving remains family owned and operated.

Request an associate from the potential moving company visits your home prior to give an accurate estimate. This visit from the moving company in question is crucial for two reasons. First, this will allow you to determine what type of individuals the company employs. This is a direct reflection of the companies professionalism. Is this associate knowledgeable? Second, you will have an accurate estimate as to what the moving service final cost will be upon completion. When hiring a moving company, surprises are never a good thing. Request an in home estimate to prevent any surprises from happening.

Blue Oak Moving is more than happy to send a representative to your home or office at anytime.

Be certain to verify licensing and insurance information. Is this moving company licensed to move locally? Is this moving company licensed to move across state lines? To be licensed, a moving company must possess adequate insurance. This keeps illegitimate firms from marketing to consumers who could be then subjected to scams. State licensing also requires that a company possesses workers compensation. Not only is workers compensation the only humane way to operate, it also protects the consumer. If a worker is injured at your home, you could be responsible for medical bills if the company you selected does not possess workers comp.

Not only is Blue Oak Moving licensed properly to relocate throughout the state, Blue Oak Moving also retains authority to relocate homes and businesses throughout the United States. Workers comp carried on each staff member. All possessions handled by Blue Oak Moving are also insured.

Visit the moving companies office. How a company values their own home will speak a great deal as to how they will value yours. This will give you the opportunity to meet staff, view equipment, and get an educated idea as to how this organization operates.

Blue Oak Moving encourages new clients to come by our office anytime for a tour. Our staff are uniformed, friendly, and full time. Our equipment is the best the industry has to offer. The floor of our facility is spotless. We take a great deal of pride in these values we possess.

Be certain you are completely familiar with a moving companies billing structure. Additionally, have the billing terms and conditions in writing prior to the scheduled move date. Unfortunately, there are many illegitimate “moving companies” that do not operate honestly. To properly protect yourself, be certain to have in writing the billing terms.

Blue Oak Moving provides every client with billing terms and conditions in writing. This prevents any confusion on the actual move day. Transparency is one of our strongest values.

Research reviews prior to contracting the moving company you select. Online reviews may not always be completely accurate, but they can show a trend. If a company has the same complaint repeatedly reported about them, that company may have a reoccurring problem.

Blue Oak Moving encourages clients to research our reviews. We take pride in our service. This pride is apparent in our reviews.