Why Blue Oak Moving?


Blue Oak Moving remains family owned and operated. This factor makes every difference when comparing quality of service. Blue Oak Moving stands for care of quality, pride in service, and a proud reputation. Blue Oak Moving forever strives to be the best it can be. With the family name behind the brand, protecting the reputation is everything.

Blue Oak Moving employs the same staff of gentlemen throughout the year. Many moving companies use temporary labor agencies to feed their labor teams. Blue Oak Moving only employs full time staff. Each team consists of at least one year of experience collectively. Efficient moving services require experience leadership at the helm. Experience is everything in the moving service industry. Blue Oak Moving has the experience necessary.

Blue Oak Moving possess both the proper licensing and insurance. Proper licensing indicates the company has been approved and are regulated by the proper federal and state offices. Insurance indicates that we are properly bonded to handle your shipment.

Blue Oak Moving operates utilizing only the best equipment in the industry. Our excellent service can be attributed to the quality of equipment and staff dispatched day in and day out. Additionally, every Blue Oak Moving truck holds at least 100 moving pads accompanied by adequate box and appliance dollies. Properly equipping the truck is essential in the overall relocation of your home or office transpiring efficiently.